Aug 11, 2010

Moga Ramadhan Kali Ini Bermakna Buat Kita...

Di kesempatan ini, ana ingin mengucapkan Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak kali ini. Moga Ramadhan kali ini bermakna buat kita dan menjadi satu medan ditambahkan lagi keimanan kepada Allah swt. Beramallah sebanyaknya dan anggap ini Ramadhan terakhir kita. Dalam kita banyak melakukan amalan sunat, jangan lupa kepada yang fardhu.

Ramadhan Kareem, Allahu Akram...

Aug 3, 2010

How To Become A Good Lecturer? 2

The lecturers should also explain the connection of what they teach and the real life. This is because to ease the students to get the picture of what they learn and also give them benefits in the real life. Moreover, it is OK to make jokes and I also advise to make some jokes but it must be a matured jokes. How? Well, this is very subjective, I do not know how to explain in writing. But, basically what I can tell, other people laugh because of your jokes while you don't.

Besides that, the lecturer should respect the time. When, the class is at 9.00 am for example, they must understand that some students are just coming from other class, they might need a little rest or they might need a time to get prepare with books and stationaries and etc. So, it is advisable to start at 9.05 am or 9.10am. However, this depends on the situation. If the students are already ready before the class starts, then it should be OK to start on time.

One more thing that the lecturers oversee is the time to finish the class. Some might think that if the lecturer is using additional time to finish his lecture, he or she is a good and hardworking lecturer. For me, they are not what as expected. They should manage the time well, plan the syllabus that have to be finished and respect other people's time. Some of the students might have other class or maybe need a time to rest or others. If the class finishes at 10.00am, then 10.00am the students should start going out from the class.

Well, to say it again, this is just my opinion. Whether it works or not, it depends on yourself. Wallaua'lam...

How To Become A Good Lecturer?

This is just my opinion on how to become a good lecturer. A good lecturer is the one who can make the students understand using the right method. The method is very subjective and not fixed.

First of all, the lecturer should know everything about the subject that he will teach. He must also assume questions that the student might ask. So, there should not be a confusion or wrong understanding during the lecture because the students assume that the lecturer is the pioneer of the subject.

Second, if the lecturer is using slides to present, it should be attractive and easy to understand. Sometimes, the slides are too colourful but hard to understand. It is better using a moderate design and easy to catch the points. One more thing, it is advisable to use the projector's remote to make the presentation looks professional. So, the lecturers do not need to go again back to the computer or the laptop to go to the next slide.

Third, how to make the students attracted to the lecture? These are my suggestions. When giving the lecture, make sure your voice is clear to everyone. If the lecturers are using microphone, make sure there is no technical problems as it will disturb the students to pay attention. Your language should be correct and understandable.

Furthermore, when giving the lecture, the explanation should be clear and has flows. This is because to make the students understand, not just get the points and score in exams. For example, to explain about inflation, do not go straight forward that it means the price get higher. The explanation should first start how it happens to inflation, what is inflation is all about, when inflation occurs what happens first and etc. This is what some lecturers lack off, as a result the student can not understand and sometimes do not know what to ask.

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