Aug 3, 2010

How To Become A Good Lecturer?

This is just my opinion on how to become a good lecturer. A good lecturer is the one who can make the students understand using the right method. The method is very subjective and not fixed.

First of all, the lecturer should know everything about the subject that he will teach. He must also assume questions that the student might ask. So, there should not be a confusion or wrong understanding during the lecture because the students assume that the lecturer is the pioneer of the subject.

Second, if the lecturer is using slides to present, it should be attractive and easy to understand. Sometimes, the slides are too colourful but hard to understand. It is better using a moderate design and easy to catch the points. One more thing, it is advisable to use the projector's remote to make the presentation looks professional. So, the lecturers do not need to go again back to the computer or the laptop to go to the next slide.

Third, how to make the students attracted to the lecture? These are my suggestions. When giving the lecture, make sure your voice is clear to everyone. If the lecturers are using microphone, make sure there is no technical problems as it will disturb the students to pay attention. Your language should be correct and understandable.

Furthermore, when giving the lecture, the explanation should be clear and has flows. This is because to make the students understand, not just get the points and score in exams. For example, to explain about inflation, do not go straight forward that it means the price get higher. The explanation should first start how it happens to inflation, what is inflation is all about, when inflation occurs what happens first and etc. This is what some lecturers lack off, as a result the student can not understand and sometimes do not know what to ask.

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  1. Salam.

    Think it is half correct that lecturers should know every single thing of their field. But still, this is the zone of learning. This is the place and time where students might know something better than the lecturers themselves. Thus, being in classes is actually the process of sharing knowledge. Nobody knows everything.

    This is just my opinion.
    Wallahu a'lam.

  2. Wlam, thanks for the opinion.

    Actually, I didn't mean to say that lecturers should know every single thing. But he should expertise all the topics that he would present to the students. Because sometimes, what I see is the student ask just a basic question, but some lecturers can not answer well. Maybe they do not know how to explain by word or etc. So, that's why they should prepare themselves because lecturer is just not presenting but teaching.

    Just my opinion, anyway, thanks a lot.
    One more thing, can I know who is this?