May 18, 2011

Improving Security in Malaysia...

Assalamualaikum wmt wbt...

I just want to share some of my views on how to make Malaysia a more secure place. I have lived in Malaysia for almost 20 years. So, this is one of the voices from a 20 years Malaysian.

Today's world is totally different from before. As the world is growing pace, the level of security has also became unstable. Let me give you a simple example. Let say you accidentally left your purse at a public place. When you realize you have lost it, you go back to the place that you have left it. There might be two possibilities, the purse is still there or 'gone'. I can say today, the possibility that it is still there is lesser than it is gone.

If it is not there, there might also be two possibilities, someone gave it to the authority or someone stole it. Well, I can say that the possibility that it was stolen is much higher than it was given to the authority. I say this from my personal experiences and others' people experiences. Do you agree?

In short, I just want to say that the level of security in our country is quite worrying. Everyday, it is totally impossible that there is no crime reported in the newspaper. And if you take a deeper look, the crimes that happened specifically in Malaysia has developed from time to time. The most recent crime that is frightening me is acid splashing. Now, we have to be aware of motorcyclists around us as they might have acid with them and just splash it as they like even they didn't know us.

So, what to do? This is my suggestions. The first approach is creating criminals' awareness and maintaining public awareness. We have seen lots of signs and notices like "Beware of Pickpockets", "Make Sure That You Locked Your Cars", "Always Accompany Your Child" and others. These signs are too common and only public are aware of it.

Now, why not we publish like this type of warnings, "Beware Pickpockets, You Are WATCHED!", "All Your Crimes Count", "We Hate You Criminals!", "Criminals Will Always Be Malaysians' No. 1 Enemy", "Even Nobody Sees You, GOD Always Observes You". Make this agenda a grand plan and let's see the outcome.

The second approach is strictening the law. I would focus on the punishment on the criminals. The punishment should be a lesson to the criminals. Jailing or fining them seems to be not educating them as most of the criminals after they had been punished, they still repeat the same crime when they are outside. That is why most of big criminals today have lots of previous criminal records.

By jailing them, it will only cause burden to some authorities and government also has to spend some of their budget for the expenditure of the prisons just for the sake of these criminals. Also by jailing them, it will create chances for the criminals to hold a 'special meeting' to exchange ideas to do crime even better than before. Funny ha? But it might occur, trust me.

The punishment also should make the public afraid to do crimes. In Islam, there is a law called 'hudud' and me as a Muslim believes that this is the best way in preventing crimes nowadays. For example, if someone steals, he or she can be punished by cutting one of his or her hands. Seems harsh ha?

But, we should know, who we should think is the victims of the crime not the criminals. The criminals must be punished as they have done mistakes and also a lesson for them to not do it again. When his hand is cut, do you think that he will steal again after this? I don't think so.

In conclusion, I think there are two ways in improving security in Malaysia i.e creating criminals' awareness and strictening the law. Wallahua'lam...


  1. My Dear Brother Shaheer,
    Nice attempt of writing in the age of 20.:)) But just reminding you, back in the age of Kings, 17 years old guy was ruling the half of the India,.... BDW Thanks very much, Because for the first time I able to open and continue reading your blog page!!

    About the message you are giving .... NICE one. I agree with you and also I have some very good points and I also do think about this case. I believe people need security, But how it will be more effective!! It remains a big question!

    Number one is Faith!! Faith in the heart. I won't gonna say why we need! I guess we know every one.

    Number two, the more important one, is 'Removing Poverty'. The ultimate deepest route cause of all this hooliganism. Those people who are really desperate do this risky jobs can not be stooped by putting more and more laws rather you don't do anything for them. The economy should speak for them. The state rule should be their friend. And therefore one day, soon we will see the level of crimes is in the minimal position.And thus we are in a peaceful environment.

    YEEES! I do agree, that the mischief cannot be stooped at fully. Yes I do agree :). Mischief will happen, thats why we need "Islamic Criminal Law - Hudud Law" to prevent the people from doing anything against their faith. I mean I am taking about a level of faith that everyone should know about.

    I appreciate your writings. And next time please make sure that I can understand :P

    [This is Rezoan reminding you just in case you forget]

  2. Salamullah'alaik.

    These are my suggestions instead of this is my suggestions.*

    I've no such much comments on this post except for ur second opinion. Referring to the imposement of Hudud, yes, indeed this has been subject to debate and discussion among scholars and even public continuously.

    Quoting Mr Mohd Mohiyuddin Mohd Sulaiman's words back in Nilai in one of his RIM classes, we need first to work on increasing or even developing the knowledge of Hudud itself among societies for they have no such much knowledge on those, before fully implementing those laws.

    And I am personally of an opinion that to impose Hudud is actually to change Malaysia's whole administration system in the first place.


    Aisyah Anasmosa

  3. Aisyah:

    Thanks for the correction, I really didn't realize it.

    Regarding Hudud, yes, we won't immediately practice Hudud. Many things need to be done like reducing unemployment and etc as practiced in the time of Sayyidina Umar Al-Khattab. So, what should be done 1. stabilize the economic condition so that we can reach almost zero unemployment, 2. aware people on Hudud as it is one of the commands of Allah and others.


  4. Nice to read your work. I am in UiTM Shah Alam now. Pls do contact me, if needed. wslm. Mohd Mohiyuddin Mohd Sulaiman (

  5. Thank you Mr. Mohiyuddin. Dah lama tak jumpa, hope to see you soon...